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Building Equity + Inclusion

Whether you've experienced challenges within your organization or you've recognized the need to promote inclusion and equity for LGBT+ individuals, I'm here to offer my assistance. The intricacies of sexuality and gender may appear daunting as you embark on this journey. However, the most crucial and initial step you can take is the one you're taking now – to listen and learn.


Keys Components of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion:

  • Communication Competency

  • Cultural Humility

  • Power and Privilege Awareness

  • Address Microaggressions

  • Equitable Policies 

  • Commitment to Continued Learning and Growth

Specifically for Communities of Faith:

  • Practical Approach to LGBT+ Spiritual Formation

  • Missional Language

  • Theology Rooted in Human Dignity + God's Holiness

How Can I Help?

Whether you are a business, a non-profit, or a community of faith, it is critical to take steps toward LGBT+ inclusion and equity. 

Communities of Faith

The tangible presence of LGBT+ individuals within our communities, families, and congregations cannot be ignored. You might fear that engaging with LGBT+ people will require you to compromise your deeply held convictions. It may seem messy, but God calls us to embrace the complexity of caring for people.

I offer training and consulting that will enhance outreach and spiritual care of LGBT+ people and their families in your church and community in a way that honors foundational Christian beliefs. Contact me for more information and details.

Businesses and Secular Organizations

Pursuing inclusion and equity for LGBT+ people helps foster a healthy work environment and greater impact in your community. The conversation around sexuality, gender, and identity may seem to be evolving too quickly to keep up. The reality is that any organization cannot afford not to learn and grow.

I provide a wide range of services that can be uniquely tailored to the specific needs of your organization. While the fundamental principles remain consistent, the application of those principles can vary significantly. From conducting organizational assessments to reviewing policies and providing comprehensive team training, I am available to support your team throughout the entire process, from initial education to full implementation. 


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