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where knowing God and being human converge

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What does it mean to be "wholly ourselves"?

Throughout my work, I often talk about integration, dignity, intimacy, and embodimentThese words are significant because they illuminate crucial aspects of what it means to be whole and present 

This world we live in is often tumultuous and challenging to navigate. It can wear us down and attempt to fragment us. It can push us to live under the shadows of shame, fear, scarcity, entitlement, and even, at times, behaviors that are morally reprehensible. Unfortunately, this is an all-too-common experience, especially within religious institutions and communities of faith, where what should be sources of hope and intimacy can sometimes become soul-crushing for many.

Spirituality is meant to breathe life into us. If we are made in God's Image, then knowing God, others, and ourselves are eternally intertwined. All three are encountered along the same path marked by curiosity, connection, and vulnerability. 

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Meet Josh

I serve as a Spiritual Director, LGBT+ Inclusion Consultant, Educator, Podcaster, and Pastor. 

My primary commitment is to spur on integration within communities, organizations and individuals.

As an inclusion consultant, I aim to bring unity in ways that honor dignity and faith. As a spiritual director, I help my clients pursue embodiment as physical and spiritual beings, fostering a sense of community with those around them and awakening to the ever-present Spirit of God that surrounds them.

I specialize in the harmonious integration of sexuality and faith. We each have a sexual story whether queer or straight, single or partnered, celibate or sexually active. I am here to accompany you with presence, questions and tools toward a more abundant life.


Services & Offerings

How Can I Help?


In one-on-one spiritual direction, I am here to walk alongside you, not to give instruction but instead to help give tools and modes through which to connect with the Spirit in order to find connection with self, others, and God. 


Based on my doctoral research focused on spiritual formation within sexuality, this 7 week cohort will give you tools and practices organized within six spiritual movements to help you integrate your faith and sexuality by releasing shame and finding purpose.


Most organizations struggle to keep up with the conversation around gender and sexuality. I offer training on LGBT+ inclusion and equity for teams and organizations both in secular and religious spheres.


I am available for booking as a speaker or interviewer(ee) for events and podcasts. I speak on an array of topics across spirituality and sexuality. Contact me to talk about how I can best serve.

"My sessions helped me realize I don't have to mentally try so hard with God. I don't have to have it figured out before I come to him. I can come with questions and uncertainty. And being able to come to him honest about my desires and what I want. It has taken away a lot of intellectual pressure."


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